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hi there,i would like to ask if you have available room for 4 nights on nov.2-6 for 3 adults and 2 babies. thanks a lot for your time.
2009-10-26 02:23:00
Our reply :
hi, yes and please take the Quadruple room for you guys.
hi. invoice#88141. we will arrive on Nov 1 at 10AM. Just want to ask few things: I reserved 1 luxury couple and 1 luxury quad. 1. Do rooms have space for our baggage? 2. What floor has bigger rooms? I want my mother to be happy with your guesthouse so she will stay there next time because she goes to Hongkong 3 times a year. Thank you very much.
2009-10-25 22:24:00
Our reply :
hi, we will arrange 1 bigger room for you and the room is located at 13th floor.
Hi, I reserved 1 luxury double room at the newly renovated place, is it possible to change it for 2 single room still at the newly renovated floor? What's you policy about it? Thanks.
2009-10-25 22:14:00
Our reply :
hi, what is your invoice no? we will check and reply you.
hi again, is that the luxury quadruple? how much will be the cost of the extra bed? do you allow early check in because we will be arriving at about 10 am, thanks again
2009-10-25 16:50:00
Our reply :
hi, that will be HK50 dollars for quadruple room with extra bed.
hi, we will be in hong kong on march 27 to march 30, 2010 and we are planning to stay in your guest house, we are four adults and two kids, what room should we get and when should we book? thank you
2009-10-24 22:30:00
Our reply :
hi, you should book the 2 big beds room with extra bed.
Hi! We are planning to reserve at your hotel on Nov 27-29 2009. Just want to know if the Standard Double Room (2 beds) can be reserved for a grp of 3? Is there an additional charge? How much? What time is the check-in and check-out? thanks so much!
2009-10-24 11:24:00
Our reply :
hi, we will arrange one room can accommodate for 3 but price will be HK400.
hi invoice number: 90209 Are our 3 luxury couple rooms reserved for nov 6-9? can we also get the newly renovated room on the said dates? we already paid the reservation fee. thank you. our flight from manila is 8am so we will arrive at hk airport around 10am so we will be at the golden crown before noon.
2009-10-23 22:32:00
Our reply :
hi, for the newly renovated room is only 2 rooms available. We might arrange 2 newly renovated for you.
Also, I would like to ask what document do you need for us to bring to show you our reservation? Do you need the confirmation email sent to us upon payment? And, as I earlier stated, we will be arriving on Nov.5 at HK Airport in the evening, and checking in @ around 10pm (2200Hrs). Please keep our reservation. I hope you allow late check ins.... Is there a contact person we can call once we arrive at the airport? Thanks
2009-10-23 20:55:00
Our reply :
hi, when you check-in, just let us know your reservation No and name.
Pages 3970 in total, now displaying from 31409 to 31416 records
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5/F Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Road, TsimShaTsui HongKong
TEL:(852) 2369 1782  FAX: (852) 2368 1740

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