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how much is the Luxury - Quadruple (2 big beds) with extra bed? Or do you still have Standard Double Room (2 beds)? How much do you charge for extra bed? thank you.
2009-09-10 20:21:00
Our reply :
hi, Luxury - Quadruple (2 big beds) with extra bed will be HK100 more. Standard double is not allowed to have extra bed.
Hi, I would like to inform you that our flight arrives in Hong Kong at 8:10PM, so most probably we will be checking in late. Please take note. Invoice number 85578. Thanks!
2009-09-10 18:47:00
Our reply :
hi, once you have pay the deposit, the room is reserved for you. Before 12 am is still ok.
I'd like to inquire if there is available 2 Luxury - Couple 1 Luxury - Quadruple (2 big beds) on OCt 3-5 thanks, Naj
2009-09-10 16:57:00
Our reply :
hi, yes!! Room is still available and please make your reservation soonest.
Hi. I would like to inquire if you still have room for 5 persons? We'll be coming from Macau and will in HK at around 3pm. Kindly send me room rates for 3 nights (Oct 11-14). Is it possible if we get the Luxury - Quadruple (2 big beds)?
2009-09-10 16:13:00
Our reply :
hi, we don't have room for 5 persons or you will take Luxury - Quadruple (2 big beds) with extra bed and the time is still available.
Hi, I have paid for the reservation fee via paypal. Invoice Number: 85578. Please confirm receipt of payment. Thanks!
2009-09-10 13:44:00
Our reply :
hi, thank your for your payment.
Hi, I just received the confirmation of my reservation. Would you be kind enough to send photos of the Couple room? Does it have big windows? Thanks!
2009-09-10 13:30:00
Our reply :
hi, the picture will upload the website soon. Couple room has window on it.
Hi, Could you check invoice number 82949? Status is still not confirmed.. We would like to deposit HKD100 today so we can have the room reserved for us.. Also do you accept credit card for the full payment of the room? Hope you could get back to us the soonest. Thanks, Thessa
2009-09-10 10:37:00
Our reply :
hi, the reservation status is waiting for the deposit. please pay as soon as possible
hi we will arrive in Hongkong on Sept 18. can i just go there, pay and check in? 1 standard double price of HKD$280. thanks
2009-09-10 10:02:00
Our reply :
hi, normally the price is HK280 but i have checked your reservation was making from other website and the price is more than other website
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5/F Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Road, TsimShaTsui HongKong
TEL:(852) 2369 1782  FAX: (852) 2368 1740

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