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hi. regarding the invoice # 83565, is it available? thanks!
lea ******
2009-09-06 22:45:00
Our reply :
hi, the invoice has been confirmed, please check and pay the deposit as soon as possible.
Hi, I would like to ask if you still have 1 room for 1 adult. The target date is Sept 16 - 18, 2009? Is it alright to get direct there in the Hotel and do the walk-in reservations and check-in on the day itself and pay for cash? What normally is the check-out time. Thank you
2009-09-05 23:43:00
Our reply :
hi, i will help you to reserve 1 room for that time and you can come directly.
hi just want to ask if what would be the best room for 2 adult and 1 child. and how much it would cost us in USD? planning to stay there for 4days/3nights. and do u have any transportatiion arrangement from the airport t- hotel-airport? what about tour package for disneyland and ocean park? thanks and will wait for your reply.
2009-09-05 15:51:00
Our reply :
hi, the price would be US45 dollars. Please take the A21 airport bus directly going to TST
Thank you so much for the clarification... see you Sept 24th! (invoice# 83257)
2009-09-05 14:41:00
Our reply :
hi, thank you and see you then.
Hi, my friend Lei made a reservation for us (invoice# 83257).. when i printed the reservation page, i noticed you indicated there "1 extra bed will change HK100" will this mean we will need to add another HK150 to the quoted balance? Just wanted to clarify if we need to pay extra? (we hope not!) Thanks
2009-09-05 04:11:00
Our reply :
hi, the balance is the totoal. We only add HK50 dollars for the extra bed per night.
Hi, i'm trying to pay my deposit through paypal but unfortunately i can't pay it because they are asking for my home telephone no. i'm trying to put my phone no. here in the philippines but they don't accept it. can you help me with this? thank you
2009-09-03 18:16:00
Our reply :
hi, you can just put other tel no because it is not import.
hello. can u pls help me il be there on sept 18-20 with my 7 yrs old daughter. can we have single room good for us? Pls give me affordable prize my budget is tight.thanks
2009-09-03 15:50:00
Our reply :
hi, you can take standard single room is good for 2 persons.
hi i would like to ask what room can you recommend for 10 people, 3 nights. thanks
2009-09-02 14:49:00
Our reply :
hi, 2 Luxury - Quadruple (2 big beds) and 1 double room can accommodate for 10 persons.
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5/F Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Road, TsimShaTsui HongKong
TEL:(852) 2369 1782  FAX: (852) 2368 1740

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