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hi! I already paid my reservation for luxury double room of HK$100 thru paypal with receipt number 0502-8710-5475-1653 paid on May 13, 2009. I was issued with an invoice number :ON0066531 for the date on July 27 -31..however when i try to log-in i get an error message.. please reply me on this..thank you
2009-07-20 20:43:00
Our reply :
Email has been sent to your mailbox. Please check
may i know the exact size (length and width) of each bed in quadruple? And what are the nearest tourist attractions in your hotel? Thank you..
2009-07-18 22:15:00
Our reply :
around 1.3 * 1.8
- Hong Kong Cultural Centre
- Hong Kong Space Museum
- Hong Kong Museum of History,
- Hong Kong Museum of Science
- Hong Kong Museum of History
- Kowloon Park
- Temple Street
- Victoria Harbor
- Stars Avenue
- Harbor Plaza (large shopping mall)
hi.. i just want to know the size of your beds in quadruple.. thank you..
2009-07-16 18:40:00
Our reply :
hi, one bed will suit for 2 adults and the quadruple will be 2 double beds for 4 adults. Size around 1.3M
hi there, i've just paid the HK$100 deposit thru paypal today 16 July 2009 (receipt id 4832-1964-2945-1695) for my 1 family room (quadruple) reservation on 8 August 2009. kindly confirm receipt of payment. thanks again
2009-07-16 15:16:00
Our reply :
hi richie, the payment has been received. Thank you!!
hi there, ive made a reservation last July 11, 2009 for 2 luxury rooms for August 9, 2009. However, i would now want one room which can accommodate 4 adults and a 3-year old kid. Do you have this type of room? If yes, how much does it cost per night? Also, can i just edit my reservation (dated July 11) should there be available room and settle the deposit after your invoice confirmation. We are planning to visit macau from August 9-10, can we reserve same room after our trip to macau for an additional one night August 10, 2009. thanks
2009-07-15 21:04:00
Our reply :
hi richie, our family room can only stay for 4 persons. However, if you combine 2 big beds and it probably can fit to 4 persons and 1 child. The price will be as same as before, No extra charge. You could edit the reservation by yourself.
I would like to reserve 1 family room for 4 nights (July 30 - August 3 2009). Could you please give me the best price or discount for that room?
2009-07-12 10:14:00
Our reply :
The prices on our website are you discounted and all charge are included.
Hello there, I made a mock reservation to your guest house for august 10 check in and check out on august 15 for one standard double room (code is 80693) we are actually 3 adults: my mom and my younger brother. would that room enough to accommodate us? and is the rate of HKD280 per night inclusive of all applicable tax, surcharge fees? Do you offer promotional discounts for bookings that exceed 2 nights? Thanks for the reply
2009-07-11 03:33:00
Our reply :
hi reiken, the one you booked can only stay 2 persons, so please book for our family room. Family room is good for family, can also stay 3 persons. All price included tax & service charge.
are your guesthouse have the service of booking ticket for ocean park and disneyland park ?
2009-07-10 13:27:00
Our reply :
We do. But price is the same as original price. When you check-in, i will tell you where to buy discounted ticket and the place is only 2 mins walk from us.
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5/F Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Road, TsimShaTsui HongKong
TEL:(852) 2369 1782  FAX: (852) 2368 1740

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