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The world's only full-sized replica of Noah's Ark at Ma Wan Park is a must-see attraction in Hong Kong for international and local tourists. The distinctive Ark on the Ma Wan waterfront overlooks the Rambler Channel and Tsing Ma Bridge. The attraction also has wholesome activities and shows the unique culture and history of Ma Wan making it a wonderful destination for tourists and families.

Noah's Ark combines entertainment and education in diverse, healthy activities that promote the love of life, family, the Earth and positive values. It offers a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to bond in a comfortable, natural environment. Noah's Resort on the top floor has double / twin rooms and dorms for groups of four to eight. The Ark promises tranquility amid Hong Kong's bustling city life.

「Ark Garden」
Visitors can view 67 pairs of life-size animal sculptures up close at the Ark Garden. Noah's Adventureland - The eight-metre Giant Swing, 3D Giant Ladder and other climbing games provide high-altitude excitement and thrills.

「Ark Expo」
Ark Expo is an amazing multimedia experience with state-of-the-art facilities including a wide-screen and 4D theatres, plus displays of exotic offerings that let people see and understand the challenges the Earth is facing.

Noah's Ark Ticket
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How to get there
  1. From GoldenCrown, walk to Star Ferry Pier (about 10 minutes) and go to Central Pier 2 to take the ferry to Park Island.(about 20 minutes)

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